Cynthia MacAdams

Cynthia MacAdams, 83 years old, Feminist, Photographer, Actress is offering Treasures from the Archives. The first offering is a beautifully produced and printed “Signature” booklet of 12 Rising Goddess Images signed by Cynthia MacAdams. In 1985 “Nude Photography” by Peter Lacey(Amphoto) was published and featured nine Masters of Nude Photography. Cynthia MacAdams was the only woman of this group and the only Black and White photographer. The “Signature” is the section of the book featuring Cynthia’schoices from her iconic book, Rising Goddess (1983 Morgan&Morgan). You can see samples of the “Signature” at Cynthia MacAdams Photographer, Facebook. Or for further information, email Cynthia.


Cynthia MacAdams Photographer
from the book “Emergence”
“Signature” Rising Goddess